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The Crocodino team offers you on this page their various professional services with the most talented and educated artists combined with the best movie and sound equipment we will tell stories with you. With you we will choose  the most appropriated media that will fit your needs in order to express yourself in the best way.

Book shooting
Photo and video shooting outside and in studio.
Video movies
Movie and cartoon making.
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Soundtrack compositions
creation of original soundtracks for movies, advertisement, documentaries.
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Creation of comics and design
Editing and printing of comics logos, drawings, maps, packaging.
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Editing of websites
animations, commerciale et artistique, web hosting, maintenance and updating.
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Adaptation, editing and printing
of your ideas on several mediums and different sizes.
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shootings Wedding pictures, video service. Books, DVD, CD-ROM, Web site, announcements, prints.
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Audio Conversion
Audio Conversion from tapes,
vinyls, VHS
on digital support, cd, dvd, youtube, webpage
Making soundtracks of silent films
Noise cleaning.

Video conversion
Video conversion from VHS, super 8, mini dv
Digital support, cd, dvd, youtube, personal webpage
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